Our company will join the "2006 china international exhibition on public safety and security" in Beijing on Oct.30th~2nd NOV. 2006. The exhibition holds in china international exhibition center that located in the east road No. 6 of N.3rd Ring Road of Chaoyang district of Beijing.
   Our company located at 3B601-604 on three floor of NO.1 domestic hall.We will exhibit the latest and excellent production. Welcome to visit!
   Hengtong DVR2000 RVSC(Chinese/oversea version) (MAP) has updated, welcome to

MAR, 2006
Have uploaded and updated following manual: DVR2000 (Chinese version), Single/multi Channels Remote Standard Version (Chinese/oversea version), and DVS (Chinese/oversea version), welcome to download.
MAR, 2006
The latest edition V5.3.8K (Chinese/oversea version) of DVR2000-H16R/H32R/H64D hard compression software and the latest edition V2.3.6B (Chinese/oversea version) of DVR2000-8R/8R16D/8R32D soft compression software have issued formally since Mar 22nd, 2006. Welcome to download.
MAR, 2006
The latest edition V4.0A (Chinese version)/V3.0A (oversea version) of Single remote surveillance system, the edition V1.1 of DVR2000 Remote (MAP), and the edition V3.0 (Chinese/oversea version) of DVR2000 RVSC (MAP) have issued formally since Mar 18th, 2006. Welcome to download.
Jan, 2006
  The latest edition V1.0 (Chinese/ oversea version) of DVR2000 audio/video filter has issued formally since Jan 9th, 2006, welcome to download.
  Congratulations! Our company has tendered smoothly on the Wired Television Surveillance and Alarm system project for Wal-Mart Jinjiang Fupu Shopping Center.
  Congratulations! Our company has tendered successfully on the Security Surveillance Communication System project of People¡¯s Bank of China.
February, 2005
  The IP of the registration server which provided by our company has been amended from to same number of the port) due to the upgrade of the Wide Band of the Quanzhou region, please modify the IP by yourselves.
December, 2004
  The User Manual of DVR2000 (Chinese version) concerning hardware and software compression, which have been updated. The standard version (Chinese/ Foreign) of the remote single and multi-channels updated too; The User Manual of DVS (Chinese/ Foreign) has been uploaded. Welcome to download and update.

 September, 2004
  The latest version of the DVR2000-H16R/H32R/H64D hardware compression software V5.3.6K (2004.09.09) (Chinese/Foreign version) has been issued formally. Welcome to download and update.

August, 2004
¡¡ The latest version of the DVR2000-8R/8R16D/8R32D software compression software V.2.3.5B (2004.08.17) (Chinese/Foreign version) has been issued formally. Welcome to download and update.
August, 2004
  All of audio and video cards developed by ourselves has won the certificate of international CE and FCC smoothly.
August, 2004
  New product¡ª¡ª"Digital Alarm Printer ". Taking the place of the traditional alarm printer, which transmits the information by network, so that the remote clients can receive and record the information of the server at real time, and print, statistics and search supported.

August, 2004
  New product ¡ª¡ª"Network Video Server" (HTDVS) has been developed, which adopts MPEG-4 compression format, which also supports output and input of audio¡¢video and multi alarms. Because of the mini-exterior, it can be embedded conveniently for the OEM clients into the video camera or the speed dome as a module for the network transmission.
June, 2004
  New product ----¡°Alarm Host Network Module" has been promoted to the market by our company, which can remotely receive and control the host by network.


Hengtong EDVR-IC Stand-alone industrial DVR

Hengtong EDVR-IC Stand-alone industrial DVR is consisted of EDVR-IC board, I/O board, standard industrial chassis and PCI board. There are 4 channels Audio and Video input on the EDVR-IC board, and 32 channels input will be expanded by inserting the H4RD A/V cards made ourselves to the PCI slots.

DVR Card with Digital Matrix Function
(Hengtong DVR2000 H4RT-O)

All functions of H4RT supported

New functions:

· One channel audio/ video output (Support D1, CIF format);
· TV-OUT function supported;
· 1/4/7/10/13/16 images output;

HTDVS Network Video Server

· MPEG-4/H.264 compression;
· DC 12V power supply, wide voltage range 8V-15V;
· Video connection via mobile telephone (S60 series mobile telephone);

Hengtong 120 Channels Audio Recording System DAR2000-10/20/30

· One card 10/20/30 channels audio input supported (three model optional);
· Single PC support 4 cards, 120 channels real-time
audio recording at
· Compression format: Gsm6.10, ADPCM, MP3 (optional);

Hengtong CKNU Network Communication Module

· Knowing the arm/disarm/bypass/remove bypass status of the remote

    host, receiving the remote alarm information.
· Remotely controls all actions in C&K host such as arm, disarm,

    bypass, remove bypass and so on.

Hengtong Stand-alone DVR

· Real-time operation system (RTOS);
· MPEG-4/H.264 compression;
· 4/8/12/16 channels audio/video (real time), and 16/32 channels non

    real time video

Hengtong ¡°Similarity PC¡± Stand-alone DVR


· Standard configuration of 4 channels audio/video input

    (real time)/16channels video input(non real time);
· Mainboard integrate standard PCI, can expand to 8/12/16/20/24

    channels real time audio/video input or 32/48/64 channels non real

    time video;

Hengtong Stand-alone DVR


· MPEG4/H.264 video compression;
· Single-channel (real time) audio and 4 channels video input,

    4channels non real time video for viewing at the same time;

· Built-in 2.5 inches harddisk for recording;

64 Doors Access Controller with TCP/IP

Hengtong DCU2000-64

· Wiegand card-readers and fingerprint scanner supported;
· Every controller can control 64 doors at most;

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